Principles of Marketing: An Asian Perspective 4/e [Kotler] 9781292089669

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In a fast-changing, increasingly digital and social marketplace, it’s more vital than ever for marketers to develop meaningful connections with their customers. The Principles of Marketing, An Asian Perspective provides an authoritative, comprehensive, innovative, managerial, and practical introduction to the fascinating world of marketing in and from Asia. It helps students master today’s key marketing challenge: to create vibrant, interactive communities of consumers in Asia who make products and brands an integral part of their daily lives.

To help students in Asia understand how to create value and build customer relationships, the Asian Perspective presents fundamental marketing information within an innovative customer-value framework.

This textbook makes learning about and teaching Asian marketing easier and more exciting for both students and instructors by providing a variety of vignettes, up-to-date corporate examples, and relevant case studies.




Chapter 1: Marketing: Managing Profitable Customer Relationships
Chapter 2: Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships
Chapter 3: The Marketing Environment
Chapter 4: Managing Marketing Information
Chapter 5: Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior
Chapter 6: Business Markets and Business Buyer Behavior
Chapter 7: Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers
Chapter 8: Product, Services, and Branding Strategy
Chapter 9: New-Product Development and Product Life-Cycle Strategies
Chapter 10: Pricing Products: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value
Chapter 11: Pricing Products: Pricing Strategies
Chapter 12: Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value
Chapter 13: Retailing and Wholesaling
Chapter 14: Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
Chapter 15: Advertising and Public Relations
Chapter 16 Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
Chapter 17 Direct, Online, Social Media, and Mobile Marketing
Chapter 18: Creating Competitive Advantage
Chapter 19: The Global Marketplace
Chapter 20: Sustainable Marketing: Social Responsibility and Ethics
Appendix 1: Marketing Plan
Appendix 2: Marketing by the Numbers