Customer Relationship Management 2/e [Baran] 9781138919525

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This book balances the behavioral and database aspects of customer relationship management, providing students with a comprehensive introduction to an often overlooked, but important aspect of marketing strategy.

Baran and Galka deliver a book that helps students understand how an enhanced customer relationship strategy can differentiate an organization in a highly competitive marketplace. This edition has several new features:

  • Updates that take into account the latest research and changes in organizational dynamics, business-to-business relationships, social media, database management, and technology advances that impact CRM
  • New material on big data and the use of mobile technology
  • An overhaul of the social networking chapter, reflecting the true state of this dynamic aspect of customer relationship management today
  • A broader discussion of the relationship between CRM and the marketing function, as well as its implications for the organization as a whole
  • Cutting edge examples and images to keep readers engaged and interested
  • A complete typology of marketing strategies to be used in the CRM strategy cycle: acquisition, retention, and win-back of customers

With chapter summaries, key terms, questions, exercises, and cases, this book will truly appeal to upper-level students of customer relationship management. 




Part One: CRM Theory and Development
1. Introduction to Customer Relationship Management
2. The History and Development of CRM
3. Relationship Marketing and CRM
4. Organization and CRM
Part Two: Data Management and Technology
5. CRM and Data Management
6. Technology and Data Platforms
7. Database and Customer Data Development
Part Three: Marketing Strategy
8. Business-to-Business CRM
9. Understanding the Customer-Company Profit Chain: Satisfaction, Loyalty, Retention, and Profits
10. The CRM Strategy Cycle: Acquisition, Retention, and Win-Back
11. Privacy and Ethics Considerations
Part Four: CRM Evaluation
12. CRM Program Measurement and Tools
Part Five: CRM New Horizons
13. Social Networking and CRM
14. CRM Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities