Semiconductor Physics and Devices: Basic Principles 4/e [Neamen] 9780071089029

🔸書名:Semiconductor Physics and Devices: Basic Principles 4/e
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  • Revised Organization MOS transistor coverage is now before bipolar transistors, updates have been made to the coverage of MOS transistors in Chapter 10 and 11 and light-emitting diodes and solar cells in Chapter 14. Text additions include coverage of microwave devices in Chapter 15, as well as a new appendix on effective mass concepts.
  • Enhanced Learning System Additional "Test Your Understanding Exercises" have been added, exercises are added after each example, and learning objectives are included before each example as well. A preview section opens each chapter and links the current chapter's goals to those of earlier material.
  • New Problems The fourth edition features approximately 40% new problems.
  • Design Examples and homework problems help students grasp more practical and open ended problem solving methods. The examples contain all the details of the analysis or design, so the reader does not have to fill in missing steps. These design-oriented examples are marked with an icon.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Semiconductor Devices is presented from Chapter 7 onward. Each chapter treats a different device family. The organization of this book is flexible to accommodate different preferences and teaching styles.
  • Extensive Coverage of Physics and Quantum Theory in chapters 2 and 3 prepares students for a deeper understanding and perhaps in developing new semiconductor devices. The coverage flows quite naturally and can be covered fairly quickly and efficiently.



Part I Semiconductor Material Properties
Chapter 1: The Crystal Structure of Solids
Chapter 2: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 3: Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Solids
Chapter 4: The Semiconductor in Equilibrium
Chapter 5: Carrier Transport Phenomena
Chapter 6: Nonequilibrium Excess Carriers in Semiconductors
Part II Fundamental Semiconductor Devices
Chapter 7: The pn Junction
Chapter 8: The pn Junction Diode
Chapter 9: Metal-Semiconductor and Semiconductor Heterojunctions
Chapter 10: Fundamentals of the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
Chapter 11: Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor: Additional Concepts
Chapter 12: The Bipolar Transistor
Chapter 13: The Junction Field-Effect Transistor
Part III Specialized Semiconductor Devices
Chapter 14: Optical Devices
Chapter 15: Semiconductor Microwave and Power Devices