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🔸書名:Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
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Our goal is to accomplish 3 objectives:

  1. Help technology students grasp the fundamental technologies used in manufacturing semiconductor devices.
  2. Present some of the many challenges in microchip fabrication.
  3. Instill in the reader an appreciation of the conceptual simplicity of semiconductor manufacturing. 

All fundamental technical information relevant to semiconductor manufacturing is first presented in Chapters 1 to 8. Chapter 9 presents a process model overview with a general flowchart that links the major areas in a wafer fab. Chapters 10 to 19 cover each of the major processes in the fab. Finally, Chapter 20 provides an overview of the back-end process for IC assembly and packaging. The content in the process chapters (Chapters 10 to 20) addresses critical process technology, followed by the various equipment designs needed to support this technology. Each process chapter concludes with a summary of quality measures and troubleshooting issues to familiarize the student with the practical, day-to-day challenges encountered during wafer fabrication. 

The latest technologies for sub-0.25µm processing are covered in detail. This includes chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), shallow trench isolation (STI), chemically amplified deep UV photoresists, step-and-scan systems, copper metallization with dual damascene, and the widespread move to process integration with cluster tools. Throughout the text, we explain all process and equipment technology in light of the long history of change in the industry. Early tools and processes are described to clarify the development of current technology. In some cases, the linkage between the latest equipment and earlier tools is obvious, while in other instances the change is dramatic. 




Chapter 1 Introduction to the semiconductor industry
Chapter 2 Characteristics of semiconductor materials 
Chapter 3 Device technologies
Chapter 4 Silicon and wafer preparation
Chapter 5 Chemicals in semiconductor fabrication
Chapter 6 Contamination control in wafer fabs
Chapter 7 Metrology and defect inspection
Chapter 8 Gas control in process chambers
Chapter 9 IC fabrication process overview
Chapter 10 Oxidation
Chapter 11 Deposition
Chapter 12 Metallization
Chapter 13 Photolithography: Vapor prime to soft bake
Chapter 14 Photolithography: Alignment and exposure
Chapter 15 Photolithography: Photoresist development and advanced lithography
Chapter 16 Etch
Chapter 17 Ion implant
Chapter 18 Chemical mechanical planarization
Chapter 19 Wafer test
Chapter 20 Assembly and packaging