Understanding Wind Power Technology: Theory, Deployment and Optimisation [Schaffarczyk] 9781118647516

🔸書名:Understanding Wind Power Technology: Theory, Deployment and Optimisation
商品編號: ME0387H



Wind energy technology has progressed enormously over the last decade. In coming years it will continue to develop in terms of power ratings, performance and installed capacity of large wind turbines worldwide, with exciting developments in offshore installations.

Designed to meet the training needs of wind engineers, this introductory text puts wind energy in context, from the natural resource to the assessment of cost effectiveness and bridges the gap between theory and practice. The thorough coverage spans the scientific basics, practical implementations and the modern state of technology used in  onshore and offshore wind farms for electricity generation.

  • provides in-depth treatment of all systems associated with wind energy, including the aerodynamic and structural aspects of blade design, the flow of energy and loads through the wind turbine, the electrical components and power electronics including control systems 
  • explains the importance of wind resource assessment techniques, site evaluation and ecology with a focus of project planning and operation 
  • describes the integration of wind farms into the electric grid and includes a whole chapter dedicated to offshore wind farms 
  • includes questions in each chapter for readers to test their knowledge

Written by experts with deep experience in research, teaching and industry, this text conveys the importance of wind energy in the international energy-policy debate, and offers clear insight into the subject for postgraduates and final year undergraduate students studying all aspects of wind engineering. Understanding Wind Power Systems is also an authoritative resource for engineers designing and developing wind energy systems, energy policy makers, environmentalists, and economists in the renewable energy sector.




1 The History of Wind Energy
2 The International Development of Wind Energy
3 Wind Resources, Site Assessment and Ecology
4 Aerodynamics and Blade Design
5 Rotor Blades
6 The Drive Train
7 Tower and Foundation
8 Power Electronics and Generator Systems for Wind Turbines
9 Control of Wind Energy Systems
10 Grid Integration
11 Offshore Wind Energy