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The content of this textbook is directed at the users of international logistics services. It covers all of the concepts that are important to managers who are actively exporting or importing goods, or are otherwise involved in international trade operations. All of the relevant issues are thoroughly explained, including documentation, terms of payment, terms of trade (Incoterms® rules), exchange rate exposure, international insurance, Customs clearance, agency and distributorship sales contracts, packaging, transportation, and security issues.

The fourth edition includes many changes, the most obvious being that Richard Stewart is no longer listed as a co-author. His many commitments and research agenda did not allow him to devote as much time as he wanted to this work, and he gracefully let it return to a singleauthor textbook. However, his experience and his knowledge are still an integral part of the content. 

The second major change is that the book is now published by Cicero Books, a small upstart that is printing this book at an affordable price. The electronic version is even more affordable. All illustrations are now in color, a change that makes the concepts of international logistics more vivid and attractive.

The two other major changes to this edition are the incorporation of the new Incoterms® 2010 rules, a change which altered the content of Chapter 6 substantially, and a seriously improved Chapter 15 on security, an area that has finally settled in the past three years. As for previous editions, the remainder of the text has been completely updated, with new tables, new examples, and new photographs.




1. International Trade.
2. International Supply Chain Management.
3. International Infrastructure.
4. International Methods of Entry.
5. International Contracts.
6. Terms of Trade or Incoterms Rules.
7. Terms of Payment.
8. Managing Transaction Risks.
9. International Commercial Documents.
10. International Insurance .
11. International Ocean Transportation.
12. International Air Transportation.
13. International Land and Multimodal Transportation.
14. Packaging for Export.
15. International Logistics Security.
16. Customs Clearance.
17. Developing a Competitive Advantage.