Foundations of Investments [Adair/Nofsinger] 9780357130421

🔸書名:Foundations of Investments
🔸作者:Adair, Nofsinger
商品編號: FI0193PC


  • CASE STUDIES USE REAL DATA AND ENCOURAGE DEEPER ANALYSIS. This edition's case studies ask students to work with actual data from companies such as Pfizer (PFE). In addition to solving for multiple requirements, case studies ask students to justify their conclusions after performing a more in-depth investment analysis.
  • DATA FROM ACTUAL FAMILIAR COMPANIES ADDS INTEREST AND EMPHASIZES THE RELEVANCE OF SKILLS. Throughout this edition, students work with real data from companies such as Tesla, AMD, JP Morgan, Apple and Walmart. Students see firsthand how the data describes and demonstrates actual performance from many of today's leading companies.
  • OBJECTIVE-BASED LEARNING DIRECTS STUDENT ATTENTION TO KEY POINTS. Clear and concise learning objectives start each chapter and are closely tied to the text narrative, questions and problems. This edition's eBook in MindTap includes links to subheads for each objective. This tool makes it easy to navigate to specific parts of the chapter for targeted comprehension.
  • EXCEL EXPERT BOXES HIGHLIGHT EXAMPLES FROM THE TEXT. Most examples in this edition appear within Excel Expert boxes. Example solutions are presented through the spreadsheets so students can shift from theory to practice. Students build important problem-solving skills as they implement the suggested functions and formulas within Excel.
  • WORLD OF INVESTING APPLICATIONS EXPLORE TIMELY AND POPULAR TOPICS. These applications in each chapter provide students with popular topics and examples of today's investing world, drawn straight from the most recent headlines. Examples engage students with issues such as Bitcoin volatility, socially responsible investing (SRI) and GameStop (GME) Short Squeeze.
  • KEY EQUATIONS VISUALLY STAND OUT FROM THE REST OF THE TEXT TO DRAW STUDENT ATTENTION TO THEIR IMPORTANCE. Key equations within each chapter are both screened and numbered to highlight their importance as students learn the underlying theory. All equations are summarized at the end of each chapter for students to conveniently use as they study and complete end-of-chapter problems.



PART I: The Investments Environment.
1. Introduction to Investments.
2. Types and Attributes of Financial Instruments.
3. Securities Markets and Transactions.
4. Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies.
PART II: Portfolio Theory.
5. Measuring Return and Risk.
6. Portfolios and Diversification.
7. Risk-Free and Risky Asset Allocation and the CAPM.
8. Asset Pricing Models and Efficient Markets.
9. Portfolio Performance Analytics.
PART III: Investing in Stock.
10. The Macroeconomic Environment for Investment Decisions.
11. Valuing Common Stock.
12. Valuing Preferred Stock.
PART IV: Investing in Debt.
13. Valuing Corporate Bonds.
14. Valuing Government Securities.
PART V: Investing in Derivative Securities.
15. An Introduction to Futures Contracts and Options.
16. Derivative Valuation and Strategies.
PART VI - Special Topics.
17. Technical Analysis.