Equity Markets, Valuation, and Analysis [Baker] 9781119632931

🔸書名:Equity Markets, Valuation, and Analysis
商品編號: FI0185H



Equity Markets, Valuation, and Analysis brings together many of the leading practitioner and academic voices in finance to produce a comprehensive and empirical examination of equity markets. Masterfully written and edited by experts in the field, Equity Markets, Valuation, and Analysis introduces the basic concepts and applications that govern the area before moving on to increasingly intricate treatments of sub-fields and market trends. The book includes in-depth coverage of subjects including:

  • The latest trends and research from across the globe
  • The controversial issues facing the field of valuation and the future outlook for the field
  • Empirical evidence and research on equity markets
  • How investment professionals analyze and manage equity portfolios

This book balances its comprehensive discussion of the empirical foundations of equity markets with the perspectives of financial experts. It is ideal for professional investors, financial analysts, and undergraduate and graduate students in finance.




Chapter 1 Equity Markets, Valuation, and Analysis: An Overview
Part One Background
Chapter 2 Ownership Structure and Stock Classes
Chapter 3 Equity Markets and Performance
Chapter 4 Securities Regulation
Chapter 5 Investor Psychology and Equity Market Anomalies
Part Two Valuation and Analysis
Chapter 6 Financial Statement Analysis and Forecasting
Chapter 7 Fundamentals of Equity Valuation
Chapter 8 Company Analysis
Chapter 9 Technical Analysis
Chapter 10 Discounted Dividend Valuation
Chapter 11 Free Cash Flow Valuation
Chapter 12 Market-based Valuation
Chapter 13 Residual Income Valuation
Chapter 14 Private Company Valuation
Part Three Equity Investment Models and Strategies
Chapter 15 Equity Investing Strategies
Chapter 16 Factor Investing
Chapter 17 Smart Beta Strategies versus Alpha Strategies
Chapter 18 Activist and Impact Investing
Chapter 19 Socially Responsible Investing
Chapter 20 Pooled Investment Vehicles
Part Four Special Equity Topics
Chapter 21 Investing in Private Equity
Chapter 22 Investing in Emerging Markets
Chapter 23 Disclosure Regulations in Emerging Economies and Their Impact onEquity Markets
Chapter 24 Equity Crowdfunding Investments