Multinational Financial Management 11/e Asia Edition [Shapiro] 9781119668862

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The eleventh edition of Multinational Financial Management is a comprehensive survey of the essential areas of the international financial market environment, including foreign exchange and derivative markets, risk management, and international capital markets and portfolio investment. Designed for upper-level undergraduate and masters-level courses in international finance and management, this textbook offers readers a conceptual framework for analyzing key financial decisions of multinational firms. The authors both explain and simplify multinational financial management by illustrating how its basic principles share the same foundation as domestic corporate finance.

Assuming no prior knowledge of international economics or finance, this substantially revised new edition builds upon the fundamental principles of domestic financial management to examine the unique dimensions of international finance. Readers are presented with a solid theoretical knowledgebase for examining decision problems, as well as practical analytical techniques that clarify the often-ambiguous guidelines used by international financial executives. All the traditional areas of corporate finance are explored from the perspective of a multinational corporation, focusing on elements rarely encountered in domestic finance such as multiple currencies, segmented capital markets, and political risks of nationalization or expropriation.




Part I The International Financial Management Environment
1 Introduction: Multinational Corporations and Financial Management
2 The Determination of Exchange Rates
3 The International Monetary System
4 Parity Conditions in International Finance and Currency Forecasting
5 The Balance of Payments and International Economic Linkages
Part II The Foreign Exchange and Derivative Markets
6 The Foreign Exchange Market
7 Currency Futures and Options Markets
8 Currency, Interest Rate, and Credit Derivatives and Swaps
Part III Foreign Exchange Risk Management
9 Measuring and Managing Translation and Transaction Exposure
10 Measuring and Managing Economic Exposure
Part IV The International Capital Markets and Portfolio Management
11 International Financing and National Capital Markets
12 The Euromarkets
13 International Portfolio Management
Part V International Capital Budgeting
14 Country Risk Analysis
15 The Cost of Capital for Foreign Investments
16 Corporate Strategy and Foreign Direct Investment
17 Capital Budgeting for the Multinational Corporation
18 Managing the Internal Capital Markets of Multinational Corporations