Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach 4/e(內附光碟) [Mitra] 9780071289467

🔸書名:Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach 4/e(內附光碟)
商品編號: EE0376P


  • Updated Organization. The book has been extensively reorganized to create a more logical flow. Chapters 2, 3, & 4 have been reorganized into three new chapters on the time-domain representation of discrete-time signals, a chapter on the frequency-domain representation of discrete-time signals, and a chapter on the time-domain and frequency-domain representations of discrete-time systems. Also some of the previous material on filters and conversion devices has been moved to an appendix.
  • Three-Stage Pedagogical Structure. The text is designed to take full advantage of MATLAB and to avoid the pitfalls of a "cookbook" approach to problem solving. First, each chapter begins by developing the essential theory and algorithms. Second, the material is illustrated with examples solved by hand calculation. And third, solutions are derived using MATLAB.
  • MATLAB-based examples throughout. MATLAB codes are provided with enough details to permit the students to repeat the examples on their computers. In addition to conventional theoretical problems requiring analytical solutions, each chapter also includes a large number of problems requiring solution via MATLAB. We believe students learn the intricacies of problem solving with MATLAB faster by using tested, complete programs
  • Extensive Simple, but Practical Examples. These expose the student to real-life signal processing problems made possible by the use of computers in solving practical design problems.
  • Companion CD. Contains several useful materials such as files of real signals, review materials, additional examples, frequently asked questions (FAQs), a large number of typical applications of digital signal processing, and a short tutorial on MATLAB.



1 Signals and Signal Processing
2 Discrete-Time Signals in the Time Domain
3 Discrete-Time Signals in the Frequency Domain
4 Discrete-Time Systems
5 Finite-Length Discrete Transforms
6 z-Transform
7 LTI Discrete-Time Systems in the Transform Domain
8 Digital Filter Structures
9 IIR Digital Filter Design
10 FIR Digital Filter Design
11 DSP Algorithm Implementation
12 Analysis of Finite Wordlength Effects
13 Multirate Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals
14 Multirate Filter Banks and Wavelets
Appendix A: Analog Lowpass Filter Design
Appendix B: Design of Analog Highpass, Bandpass, and Bandstop Filters
Appendix C: Discrete-Time Random Signals