Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 7/e AE (含Supplementary Problems) [Welty] 9781119587026

🔸書名:Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 7/e AE (含Supplementary Problems)
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The field's essential standard for more than three decades, Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer offers a systematic introduction to transport phenomena and rate processes. Thorough coverage of central principles helps students build a foundational knowledge base while developing vital analysis and problem solving skills. Momentum, heat, and mass transfer are introduced sequentially for clarity of concept and logical organization of processes, while examples of modern applications illustrate real-world practices and strengthen student comprehension. Designed to keep the focus on concept over content, this text uses accessible language and efficient pedagogy to streamline student mastery and facilitate further exploration.

Abundant examples, practice problems, and illustrations reinforce basic principles, while extensive tables simplify comparisons of the various states of matter. Detailed coverage of topics including dimensional analysis, viscous flow, conduction, convection, and molecular diffusion provide broadly-relevant guidance for undergraduates at the sophomore or junior level, with special significance to students of chemical, mechanical, environmental, and biochemical engineering.

Problems are availabled in "Supplementary Problems for Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 7/e".




1. Introduction to Momentum Transfer
2. Fluid Statics
3. Description of a Fluid in Motion
4. Conservation of Mass: Control-Volume Approach
5. Newton'ss Second Law of Motion: Control-Volume Approach
6. Conservation of Energy: Control-Volume Approach
7. Shear Stress in Laminar Flow
8. Analysis of a Differential Fluid Element in Laminar Flow
9. Differential Equations of Fluid Flow
10. Inviscid Fluid Flow
11. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
12. Viscous Flow
13. Flow in Closed Conduits
14. Fluid Machinery
15. Fundamentals of Heat Transfer
16. Differential Equations of Heat Transfer
17. Steady-State Conduction
18. Unsteady-State Conduction
19. Convective Heat Transfer
20. Convective Heat-Transfer Correlations
21. Boiling and Condensation
22. Heat-Transfer Equipment
23. Radiation Heat Transfer
24. Fundamentals of Mass Transfer
25. Differential Equations of Mass Transfer
26. Steady-State Molecular Diffusion
27. Unsteady-State Molecular Diffusion
28. Convective Mass Transfer
29. Convective Mass Transfer Between Phases
30. Convective Mass-Transfer Correlations
31. Mass-Transfer Equipment
Problems (Available in "Supplementary Problems for Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer 7/e")